The Golden Children

Dear Diary,

I think about you all the time and what life would be like if you were still here. I think you and I would be just as close as JD and I. In a sense I think that this is the reason that God made JD and I so close, because he knew that it is what I needed. No one knows what it’s like to be “the last two” and although sometimes it brings me to tears because I feel alone, I also cherish it because I know it makes us unique.

What I do know is that the world wasn’t ready for the both of us at the same time LOL!!!! At other times I feel like it isn’t fair to be left in the circle of siblings with no one to relate to. Most times I’m good and then every once in a while I’m the fifteen year old girl that doesn’t understand why it happened. I’ve never written about you publicly until now. When writing "Chocolate City Hood Diaries" a lot people were curious as to whether or not I would inlclude you as a character. I didn't feel the need to include you, because I imagine that although we were a household apart our stories were similar enough.

I think that maybe God made me sit still during this time so that I can finally get this out. Whatever the reason is I want you to know that no matter the mistakes the “adults” in our lives have made I’ve always loved you and will never forget you. DeAngelo continue to rest peacefully. Love your spiritual twin.

- Chi Chi 🖤

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