“Kids? Nah, I’m Good!”

Dear Diary,

“Kids? Nah, I’m Good!” That is what my friends and I would say when we came across a man that had kids. I mean we were young, single, and women with careers. Most of us had decided to wait to have children, and we were focused on living our best lives! Then something weird happened. Before we knew it we were approaching thirty, and after building all these great memories we all ran into the same problem (or what we thought was a problem). Majority of the men our age or older now all had children. I’m not going to lie I definitely was someone who felt I was too good to date someone who had kids. I mean I was cool with my little “temporary friends” having kids, but I definitely wasn’t interested in anything long term with them.

I had a conversation with a friend and she stated I may be missing out on a good man by limiting myself only to men without children. If you know me then you know I am famous for my facial expressions lol! Chileeeee you would’ve thought she told me to go out and find a man with a disease! I had subconsciously put in my head that men with children were TAINTED! All types of thoughts would come to my mind like baby mama drama or whether I would mix well with their kids. Like what if I ended up liking a man with bébé kids?!?! LOL

I finally decided to give a man with a child a chance. Everything went smoothly for the first couple of months, until the baby mama drama began! Smh That issue along with a few other issues led to the demise of our relationship. I felt like I had wasted my time giving him a chance and that I should’ve stuck to my preference.

Believe it or not it wasn’t until I began writing my book that I had a reality check with myself. Who am I to think I’m too good to date someone with children when I myself come from a VERY blended family?!?! I had some nerve right lol?!?! All of a sudden I became open to the idea of dating men who were fathers and I no longer seen them as tainted, but instead as respectable. A man taking care of his responsibilities as a father and not walking away is very honorable. I just thought I would share this for any single women who may shy away from dating men with children like I once did.

Be open minded sis and most of all be patient.

- 🖤

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