"Go Get Your Blessing"

Dear Diary,

I have received so many DM's from people who feel inspired by my blog posts and courage to step out as a new author. Similar to myself, many say they've always been interested in writing but have been scared to share their talent with the world. My reply is always the same, “Trust God's timing”. I am not embarrassed to tell people that I’ve sat on my book for four years before finally deciding to release it. See before I wasn’t ready, God was just preparing me!

When I decided to publish my book I had no idea the impact I would have on others. I truly believe God made me wait to publish my book so that he could perfect me. Now I know my true purpose is to help motivate others to identify with their true purpose in life. I say all of this to say trust the process and don’t let anyone rush you. Let God continue to perfect you!

- Go get your blessing! 🖤

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