“I’ve Changed”

Dear Diary,

In the words of Jay- Z “They say I’ve changed, as if I’ve worked this hard to stay the same”. I’ve learned that the more I evolve as a woman I can’t take everyone with me. See this new journey that I’m working so hard professionally and spiritually to obtain takes a lot of discipline, and I refuse to allow anyone to throw me off track or interrupt my peace.

Many times people feel as though because you’ve been friends with someone for a long period of time that you have to remain friends with them for that reason. The reality is you don’t and I won’t! If my relationship with an individual no longer serves its purpose I have no problem with removing them from my circle. I will not allow anyone’s toxic energy to rent space in my head!

It wasn’t until I removed some people from my life that I started to feel an abundance of blessings flowing in. So yes I removed your number, left your text on read, and/or made you question your own existence. In the words of my good good girlfriend “you move funny, so I had to move around!” Lol.

- Unapologetic 🖤

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