“Daddy’s Not So Little Girl”

Dear Diary,

I once heard that women gravitate to the type of men that their father’s are. In the words of Nasir Jones “To all the greatest hustlers and pimps in the world, God pays us back by giving us precious little girls”. I never took in what this phrase really meant until now.

As I become older I am becoming more spiritually yoked with myself. I had to step back and analyze my relationships with men. From the type of men I allowed close to me, all the way down to how I relate to men. I yearn for the love and attention I desperately wish I received from my father. I cling to the wrong men with hopes that they will fill a void.

It wasn’t until I thought back to a conversation I had with a friend and her dad that it struck me. I have bad judgement of character when it comes to men because the things I should’ve learned about men from my father, I unfortunately didn’t. So instead I am learning through trial and error. Chileeeee these growing pains hurt like hell!! Lol

But you have to go through shit, in order to grow through shit right???? Until next time......


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