"That Ol' Thang"

Dear Diary,

I received an email from my ex today (7/23/17). This email was one of many that I've received in the last three years since we've ended our chapter. I was surprised as well as a little confused as to what he could want to say to me three years later. The letter was simply an apology. He told me he had began seeing a therapist to help understand and better cope with his internal pain and thus the pain he inflicted on others in return. He was asked to write down some of his most difficult times and his experience with me came into play. He wanted to send an apology for the pain he had caused in our relationship. Although, to some an apology three years later may be a little too late, to me it was right on time. It was on time because it was SINCERE. It was on time because I was in a place in my life where I was able to accept it. As painful and detrimental as that experience was for the 22 year old me. The 26 year old me could appreciate that experience with no regrets. As I reminisce on my old life I thank God that he kept me near and didn't allow my depression to lead to my END. I also thank God for my NEW life.

To answer your question, no I didn't reply. Instead this is my response.


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