“New New Ish"

Dear Diary,

I'm new to this. I have always been a writer, but never had I thought about becoming a blogger. I still don't consider myself a blogger, just like I don't consider myself an author. Instead just someone who enjoys writing at my leisure. As Badu would say "I am an artist, and I'm sensitive about my shit!" Lol.

I had the strangest interaction with my cousin. I say "strange" because it's one we've never encountered. She's my older cousin so we're not as close. In conversation she asked about the normal things such as work, networking, and building my 401k etc. She then began to tear up and say that she believed in me. I was astonished and a little confused as to where her emotions were coming from. I continued to listen. She told me her SOUL was tied to mine and that she believe writing is my calling and that I should start blogging. I said I had never thought about it and didn't know what I would blog about. She said when it was time God would give me a topic and a purpose. She went on to tell me not to worry about any of the job opportunities that I didn't receive because those positions were not for me and the door that is will open. I was taken back because I had not told her about the countless interviews I had done and been turned away from. She told me that I would be successful and do just fine as long as I continue to believe.

Little did I know 24 hours later I would get an email that would be inspiration for my first blog topic. That blog will be following this one, so stay tuned. ☺️🙏🏽

He works in mysterious ways right? Well this first blog is dedicated to you, thank you Laverne for your belief in me.



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